Commercial Relationships

Satisfying our customers is our daily concern and also our objective that we are committed to achieve.


For this, we are working every day to continuously improve the quality of our services and it is our duty to meet the requirements of each of our customers, in the aim to develop long-term partnerships.


The quality of the STPP manufactured by the Société Chimique ALKIMIA has allowed our Company to earn the trust of its customers which are operating mainly in the detergent industry and ceramic sector.


The redeployment of the commercial strategy adopted by our company in the last few years has allowed us to touch, besides the traditional markets of the MENA region, new customers located in every corner of the world.


Indeed, the main markets are India and Europe. Furthermore STPP is distributed in North and WestAfrica, the Middle East and Asia (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran ....).





STPP Shipments are made by conventional vessels from the port of Gabes or by containers from the port of Sfax and/or Radesusing the regular shipping lines which are serving the ports of the world with a very respected transit time.


At the request of each customer, our STPP is packed either in big bags or 1000-1250 kg or in 50 kg bags or 25 kg in shrink wrapped pallets.